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Salvage gallery

We think its important to let our clients know that this website ( as yet) is not a selling website. We have a small studio /workshop that is not accessible for sales, so we use this website to give people a flavour of what we are about as creative people and also to let people know where we will be selling our pieces over the year. This has been fragmented over the past year or so ,due to Covid 19 issues but we are hoping to get back into a more stable pattern as things return to 'normal'


Over the years we have always collected and saved a wide variety of materials from a wide variety of sources. This has sometimes been because we just love the article or piece from it's own sake but more often it has been because we see the potential to develop the material into another piece of either design or fine art piece. This process is something that we both find inspirational and one that has stimulated our creative work for many years

salvage gallery


Almost anything goes when it comes to selection of materials. From combing the beaches of the Wirral to searching around demolition yards to simply taking other people 'rubbish' and looking through it before it goes to the tip ! ' With their blessing we hasten to add !'

Often materials will stayed stored in the studio or in the cellar for months, even years before we get to use them of remember their 

existence and how they can come together for a particular piece

Manchester Art Fair

salvage gallery

  The Manchester Art Fair is the outlet for our personal and combined, fine art, creative work. We work on a larger scale and the pieces we make are much more influenced by other factors a well as the core of our philosophy to do with environmental issues and the acceptance of the beauty of all natural things

Great news!

Manchester Art Fair have established an online shop called EASEL and it is now live selling work from all the studios and artists that would have been exhibiting at the MAF 2020. We have work on show, so get online and have a look

New dates for MAF are 19th-21st November 2021

salvage gallery

Potfest in the Pens 2021

A great weekend at Potfest in the Pens. Must take this opportunity to thanks Matt Cox and his team for organising brilliantly with all the Covid protection boxes ticked that were possible within his jurisdiction.

Sold a lot of our pieces and we were humbled to hear such lovely comments about them, not only from new buyers but especially from people who had a lot of our pieces already in their gardens and homes

Looking forward to 2022

Details of dates will be posted as soon as we know them


salvage gallery

Altrincham market

An incredible retail development driven by the market and market hall developments. If anyone wants to see how a development in one area of a town can influence the surrounding area in a positive way then they need to look at the way the Market development has transformed the Altrincham area, and is still doing so after seven years when the market really opened .


We're Back ! see below for dates 

Calendar dates for 2021

salvage gallery

Altrincham Market 

We are back!

Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th Sept

Saturday and Sunday16th and 17th October

Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th November

Christmas dates to be announced

Manchester Art Fair

2021 dates are 19th-21st November


MAF 2021


salvage gallery

 past work 

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Robins for Xmas
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Mounting Stone
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Melted crate
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